‘KAUR x Tekne’ Kimono Dress in Blue


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KAUR x Tekne Collaboration gave birth to this kimono dress. You can wear it with this gorgeous belt or enjoy freedom of the loose fit.

Our beautiful kimono dress in blue color will be available in the beginning of June. But you can already secure your piece.

Out of stock


When choosing a summer dress you want to find something that will keep you cool but also looking good. It is important to choose something that feels comfortable while making you feel confident as well.

This unique cotton dress available in two characteristic colours is designed to be your go-to summer dress because it will keep you cozy and stylish all day long. It is loose enough to be comfortable without seeming baggy, and it is snug enough to be captivating.

This dress comes with a belt tie that fastens in the front which gives you la taller and slimmer look. The carefree and effortless ensemble gives a cool vibe, perfect for summer, and it’s loose fit will give you the feeling of a nomadic spirit.

Choose between it’s loose fit for a casual look or spice it up with its uniquely embroidered cotton belt to give a stylish look making you feel good while confortable.

This lightweight cotton fabric is perfect for warm weather and it’s loose fit gives you space and room to withstand the heat.
The dress is mid length, stylish neckline that shapes your collar-line and elbow-length sleeves that really enhance the simple elegance of this dress.

Available in two authentic colours royal blue and mustard yellow.

Perfectly paired with handmade and hand-painted ceramic Tek.ne jewellery made in collaboration with KAUR.

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