About us

KAUR – Gracious but Fierce

The story of KAUR is the story of a woman. The story of the woman in you. Kaur is our true nature. It is our authentic vibration that we give to this world.

Each one of us is Kaur. Kaur is magnificent in her being. Her nature is softness and tenderness. She lives and grows in life with deep understanding and acceptance. A princess who gracefully walks this earth and makes it more complete. Kaur is also strength. A power that subtly moves everything around you. The power that creates the world. A power that awakens passion. The power that makes you the creator of your life. Kaur is thus also a lioness who walks through life with courage and strength.

Kaur is a love that inextricably connects everything around it. Kaur is life. Kaur is everything. Kaur is all.

Let this space serve you to see all this in yourself. To accept that you are everything. That you are KAUR in all its fullness.

Your Kaur makes you unique. You are the one who will make each of these pieces of material authentic. Your nature will give life to the unliving and it will live the story of your life. Through Kaur we want to tell your story, to tell the story of all the women around us, the story of our ancestors and to build new stories for our daughters that will be the change we want to see.

The Moon

Women are the daughters of the moon – La Luna. The moon is feminine in its nature, it is a sign of womanhood. Our energy is tied to the qualities of the moon. Her energy is soothing and supportive. It illuminates the darkness and guides you when you are lost. In the moonlight everything matures and grows, as we do in our mother’s womb.

The image of a crescent moon in a full circle is a reflection of the cyclical nature of life. The moon teaches us that it is natural to be both full and empty, but that throughout that process we remain our authentic selves. That we are WE no matter what stage of life we ​​are in. A circle like the full moon signifies union. In a circle we are all equal and we are all one.

About Us Two

In the old Celtic tradition there is a beautiful explanation of love and friendship. That friendship is called ANAM CARA. Anam is  the word for the soul. Cara is the word for a friend. Anam Cara is a friend of the soul.

We are Anam Cara. We are soul friends. Kindred spirits who are blessed to walk together side by side in this life. A friend of the soul is an eternal support and love and your wings that enable you to fly when you think it is impossible to soar. It is truly freedom in togetherness.

KAUR is made from this love which is the essence of our friendship. We want you to create a story of love, support and friendship with us. May KAUR serve you as an inspiration and reflection of that love in all of you. May we grow, support and love the woman in us.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your trust,

Amra & Ada