‘The pure light within you’ Linen Kimono

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Let this light, fluttery kimono expand your light. Be free in it’s expansiveness, find your gentleness in the softness of the natural linen fabrics and let others feel your presence.
Made of 100% pure linen fabric.

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The pure light within you is your radiance. The pure light is your soul. Be the light and let it project to all around you.
The pure light within you is your inner shine. It is your authenticity you bring to this world. With this light you were born. That is why this piece is in the white colour. Whiteness represents innocence and our most true and vulnerable Self. It it i our unique light that is eternal. It is our creation and this radiance penetrates everything, every heart, every living being.

Radiance collection is made of 100% linen fabric. The texture is light, soft to touch, and has discrete glow with a touch of glamour.

Kimono is one size fits all.

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Weight ,5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 35 × 7 cm


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